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Bar is very ancient city. As archeological finds testify, the region of modern Bar was populated during an era (the late Neolithic era — the beginning of a bronze age). To the Illyrian settlement opposite to the city of Bari located on the Appeninsky peninsula, Romans gave the name Antibarium (lat. Antiapium). With arrival on the Adriatic coast of Slavs (the VI-VII century from R. H.) the initial name was reduced to Bars.

It is the largest of the ancient city conglomerates which have remained in Montenegro. It is in four kilometers from present Bar. The old Bar is located on the huge rock, from three parties it is protected by steep slopes, and from West side it is surrounded by fortifications. Location of Old Bar gives the chance of it to visitors to see from fortifications a wide panorama of the green valley, new Bar, the port, the high sea and a massif Rumiya.

In the city the remains of 240 structures, narrow curve small streets and the areas of the wrong form remained. Constructions are built from a tesanny stone, have on two and more floors. Many of monuments reached us only in the form of ruins.

The modern Bar too is rich with sights. It, in particular, port with parking for yachts; the palace which in 1885 was built by the Montenegro governor Nikola 1 Petrovich — Negosh for the son-in-law, Pyotr Karadjordjevic; St. Nicolas’s which is the residence of the Catholic archbishop church; monument to liberators Bara from an Ottoman yoke (in finishing fragments of the destroyed buildings of Old Bar are used); base of church of times of the Roman emperor Justinian; St. Petki’s church in Shushani.