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About the origin of the name Tivat there are three different opinions. According to the first, the name is derived from Tivat name Illyrian king Teury, whose residence at one time was in Risan, and possibly a summer residence was near modern Tivat.

According to another view, the name could be derived from the names of Christian saints such as Theodogus, Theodosius, Theodotus, Theodulus or medieval (XII v.) Theudo, Teodo. The third version is very brief and without any justification. According to this version, the name derives from the Celtic word «touton», which means «city».

In the heart of Boka bay , the bride of the Adriatic, is located Tivat, with a picturesque beaches, bays, small lagoons, and still quite unexplored, but very interesting part of the mainland. The wealth of archaeological finds and historical monuments indicates its origin.

Numerous cultural programs, a number of festivals, sports events — have become synonymous with the city. But what makes a particular city, is its people — hospitable and open to all interested and friendly guests. And the guests in Tivat return with pleasure, one of the conservation of the atmosphere of the seaside town, others — because of the home and relaxed environment.