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Excursions in Montenegro

Excursions in Montenegro

For those who want to combine relaxation with exciting rides, accompanied by qualified guides most interesting places in Montenegro, we offer the following tours.


Description: The bus ride from Budva to Kotor Bay, take a ferry, then by bus to the border with Croatia, from Dubrovnik 40 km. Dubrovnik- beautiful city of the Croatian coast and Adriatic .Thanks to diversity of cultural and historical monuments, the city brought in a UNESCO world. From the observation deck, you can see a panorama of the city and its environs. Outside the city walls of Old Town, remained true masterpieces of architecture, such as church St. Blaise, one of the first pharmacies in Europe, the Cathedral. After the tour will be given free time to walk around the city on their own.

Duration of excursion: all day.
Type of vehicle: bus
Price ( adult/ child 2-12 years): 40/20  EUR 

The price includes: transportation, English speaking guide.


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Description: A trip to the neighboring state of Montenegro, until recently the most closed country in Europe, attracting tourists a variety of natural, cultural and historical monuments. Today it called «last mystery Europe» .In program includes travel through Shkodra city (one of the Stra cities in Europe) with a tour of the fortress Rozafa, transfer to Tirana, the Albanian capital, a city tour, a visit to the National Museum. Lunch and free time (approximately 1-1.5 hours).

Duration: all day
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 40/20 EUR

The price includes: bus, English-speaking guide.

Kotor and Boka Bay

Description: Kotor — the old town, the pearl of the Adriatic coast — is situated on the shores of the only fjord in southern Europe. Since 1979, the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The tour includes: inspection of Old Town, visit the Church of St. Nicholas, boat trip along the coast of Boka Bay, visit the Maritime Museum in the town of Perast, as well as the island museum Gospa od Shkrpela, which in 1630 was prostroen church dedicated Virgin and painted Tripo Kokolja.

Bay of Kotor — one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It consists of four Strait. In the blue Adriatic Sea reflects the high cliffs surrounding the bay.

It is decorated with seven islands: Sveti Marko, Mamula, Gospa od Skrpjela, Sveti Djordje, Milosrdja, Ostrvo cveca and Mala Gospa — the smallest of them.

Duration: 6-7 hours
Type of transport: bus, boat, English-speaking guide.
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 25/13 EUR

The price includes: bus, English-speaking guide, tickets for the boat.

Skadar Lake + Rieka Crnoevicha ( evening program) 

Description: Skadar Lake — the largest lake in the Balkans, two-thirds of its territory located in Montenegro, and one third — in Albania.
The surface of the lake — 40.000 ha. In 1983 he received the status of Skadar Lake National Park. It is known for its extraordinary beauty and rich flora and fauna, is home to 270 species of rare birds and 35 species of fish.

A boat ride on the most picturesque places of the lake, will make this trip unforgettable. On the ship, for you will be served refreshments, and on the shore waiting for you lunch of local fish.

Duration: 8-9 hours.
Type of transport: bus, boat
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 40/ 20 EUR

The price includes: bus, boat, English-speaking guide, lunch

Skadar lake + Rieka Crnoevicha ( mornig program) 

Description: If you want to see beautiful scenery, see the largest lake in the Balkans, to see a lot birds- this trip is for you. Excursion to the largest lake in the Balkans with a boat trip and a swim in the lake. Lunch. 

Duration: 7-8 hours
Type of transport: bus, boat
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 40 / 20 EUR

The price includes: bus, boat, English-speaking guide, lunch


Description: sightseeing day bus tour begins with a visit to Montenegro, Cetinje, the ancient capital of Montenegro, the cultural center of the country.
Here scheduled inspection vestry Cetinje monastery, where the relics of John the Baptist. Then, the path goes to the small village Njegusi, the birthplace of the famous Montenegrin ruler Petar II Petrovic Njegos.


The village is known for its Negushi more famous prosciutto — smoked ham. In the local restaurant, you can get acquainted with traditional dishes of national Montenegrin cuisine. Next stop — Kotor — a city situated on the banks of Boka Bay and is listed Cultural and Natural Heritage. Here is scheduled sightseeing with a visit to the Old Town Church of St.. Nicholas.

After the tour will be given free time to walk around the city on their own.

Duration: all day
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 30/15 EUR The price includes: bus, English-speaking guide.


Ostrog monastery (+ PODGORICA)

Description: All guests Montenegro necessarily recommend visiting one of the national and religious shrines Montenegro — Ostrog monastery.
If you go through Podgorica along the fertile plains to Niksic, then on your way there monastery carved into the rock at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. This Upper Monastery, consisting of two small churches: first, Holy Cross, built in 1665; second — Church of the Assumption of the Virgin — in 1774.

It is here that the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog, a miracle-worker and healer . All the way back, you will be guided through the modern capital — Podgorica, which provides for a sightseeing tour through the city with a stop at the mall.

Duration: all day
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 25 / 13 EUR

The price includes: bus, guide services . Our recommendations: comfortable shoes; take a container to collect water from the Holy Spring.


Description: Montenegro is famous not only a beautiful beach, but also unforgettable scenery north of the country.
Majestic mountains, glassy surface of lakes, clean air — all this will allow you to see a different Montenegro. The trip will take place on the mountainous part of the country (get ready for the serpentine!), You will visit the Monastery Moraca, one of the oldest religious sites in Montenegro, built in the mid 13th century.
Bus stop near the bridge «Djurdjevicha Tara» — the highest bridge in Europe. Here you will discover the deep gorges, one of which (the canyon r. Tara) is the deepest in Europe, capped mountains and crystal clear lakes.

Duration: all day
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 40/20 EUR The price includes: bus, English-speaking guide.


Description: One of the most exciting tours where you can drive through most of the country and see the most beautiful places of the north of the state.
Rafting on the river of the purest in Europe will take a lot of pleasure for fans of adrenaline and beautiful nature. After breakfast on the beach, all seated in rafts and rafting begins. The total length of the route — about 20 kilometers.
Performed at least one stop for inspection waterfall; for daredevils will be organized swimming. The program ends with a national dinner.

Duration: all day
Type of transport: bus, raft
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 65 / 33 EUR

The price includes: bus, raft, English-speaking guide, breakfast, lunch.


Description: A trip to the neighboring countries — Bosnia and Herzegovina — Republika Srpska. Travel through Herceg Novi and Orjen mountain to the town of Trebinje, located on the banks of the river Trebišnjica. Seen complex Crkvina (Church of the Annunciation), the tomb of one of the greatest Serbian poet Jovan Duchich. Sightseeing tour of the old town, visiting the Museum of Herzegovina, Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration, Osman Pasha Mosque inspection −18 century bridge Arslanagicha-16th century, the monastery Tvrdoš, founded in the 4th century King Constantine and Queen Helena. Free time for lunch and souvenir shopping.

Duration of excursion: all day
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 40/20 EUR

The price includes: bus, English-speaking guide.



Description: An exciting journey through the national park Biogradska Gora. The bus ride to city Kolashin, jeep ride, photo pause at the next stop: Jezerine, prisoners chapter Peshicha lake, the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding (optional). Inspection of the National Park Biogradska Gora: the top Crna chapter Ursulovsko and Biogradsko lake.

Duration of excursion: 7:30 — 19:00
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 85/43 EUR

The price includes: bus, English speaking guide, jeep ride, breakfast, lunch, qualified instructors.



Description: A visit to the state of grape in the vineyard «Chemovsko field» travel by bus through the vineyard, inspection and photo pause on the lookout space .Visit of central cellar «Shipchanik» tasting 3 autochthonous wines. In the wine shop you can buy wine at special prices.

Duration of excursion: 9:00 — 14:30
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 38/19 EUR

The price includes: bus, English speaking guide, visit the vineyard, wine tasting.



Description: Folklor night drinks and dishes of national cuisine: the vine, homemade wine, olives, cheese, ham, lamb from under the covers, salad. Experience the national color MONTENEGRO!

Duration of excursion: 18:00 — 23:00
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 45/23 EUR

The price includes: bus, guide — escort, dinner, folklore program.



Description: The bus ride along the Adriatic coast, stopping in Bar, check the old walled city, moving to the southernmost city of Ulcinj -. Panoramic sightseeing, swimming in a great beach.

Duration of excursion: 9:00 — 16:00
Type of transport: bus
Price (adult / child 2-12 years): 24/12 EUR

The price includes: bus, English speaking guide, tickets to the Old Bar, a visit to an old olive tree, tur. taksa in Ulcinj.