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The city is located at the foot of one of the most beautiful mountains of Montenegro Bjelasica (Bijelasica), in the place where the river Tara is born. Due to its natural beauty and diverse mountain terrain and favorable climate, the city is very popular among lovers of winter tourism and recreation assets vnogo.

Before in Kolasin ski and began to develop eco-tourism, for a long time remained the status of ordinary provincial Montenegrin town. Today the city is undergoing rapid development in the wake of the growing popularity of Montenegro as a tourist destination. Soda foreign investment, and the construction of new hotels and other tourist facilities.

During the tourist season, the city has numerous bars and restaurants, as well as several youth nightclubs. Cultural enthusiasts waiting Kolasin regional museum, which presents rich ethnographic, historical and artistic collections.

National Park «Biogradska Mountain» — is a real pride opshtiny (region) Kolasin. It is just a few kilometers from the city and certainly deserves attention. There are unique e virgin forests, as well as many rare species of plants and animals. The most popular place to visit is Bisgradskoe Lake (B ioggadsko jezego), located at an altitude of over 1000 meters. You can not only admire the beauty of a mountain lake, but boating and make fascinating walk through the national park. Do Bisgradskogo lake you can always find a place to stay and enjoy delicious national food.